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Angel Ruiz is a Mathematician, Philosopher and Educator born in San José, Costa Rica. He is the author of more than 250 academic articles and books and has been an active researcher, organizer an consultant in different academic fields: the History and Philosophy of Mathematics and Science, Mathematics Education, Political Philosophy, Peace and Development. Researcher, lecturer, organizer, adviser to scientific, academic, educational matters outside and inside Costa Rica. He is currently president of the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education ( and vice-president of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction Director General (founder) of the Mathematics Education Network for Central America and the Caribbean. He is Director of the Center for Research adn Training in Mathematics Education in Costa Rica. He is the Director of the Project: Reform of Mathematics Education in Costa Rica, intended to implement a new Mathematics Curiculum for all Primary and Secondary Education approved by country in 2012. Ángel Ruiz elaborated the theoretical foundations of the new curriculum and conducted the team that wrote this curriculum.


Matemático, filósofo y educador nacido en San José, Costa Rica. Su vida profesional ha estado asociada a varios temas: historia y filosofía de las matemáticas, educación matemática, filosofía política y desarrollo social, sociología e historia de las ciencias y la … Continue reading

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